Well it's not about the facts, it's about logical thinking.
It's not about being true or false, it's about making sense.
And yes and some facts biased or not make some good sense.
Also the cow self is not the problem, but the resources used to grow that cow are.
So please read the facts below as things to consider and then you can decide if eating less meat is logical.It did to me.

To produce 1kg of meat, we need 25kg of plantbased food, which requires up about 10m2 land and 160 liters of water to grow. Can anyone calculate how much acres of crop is needed to grow 1 average weighing cow og 650kg?

Each kg meat produces 13kg of carbon. Dutch average person eats about 81kg per year. The Dutch are with 17 milion! Not even calculating the millions of Americans, and so on.

To feed those millions of cattle, we chop down the Amazone, burn down savannah's, to grow all that crop. Yes you are right, that's for the States. But hey we all those burgers eat at that golden fastfood chain.

Livestock takes up nearly 80% of global agricultural land, which is bigger than US, China, European Union and Australia combined.

Each 1kg of meat produces the same amount of carbon emission as 75km of cardriving. All the live stock in the world cause 15% of the emissions, equal to all transport.

We feed cows soya, but the cows stomach can't take it, similar to people who are lactose intolerant, yes they get gassy. Ironic ain't it?

If all Europeans (550 million) would become vegitarians over night, Europe would achieve 50% of their resolutions within 2 years.

Reading all these articles and facts, I came to the conclusion that:
If I eat less meat, I will save the Amazone, I will save biodiversity, I reduce not so good for the ground water fertilizers, maybe save those small bees, I will cut down emissions caused by meat production. So whatever the facts say, true or not, biased or not, one thing is clear, less meat will contribute to a better world.

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