unites people in one collective statement for a healthier world. Do you already eat less or no meat? ❀️ our straight foward #tag logic?

our 120 backers already saved over 32,786 kg carbon, 43,143 m2 land by eating 3,733 kg less meat per year.

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our most recent backers

supporting a healthier world



Judy Redout
-733.0 kg carbon


Noah Commandeur
-145.1 kg carbon


Kirsten van Lienden
-345.5 kg carbon


-241.9 kg carbon


Es Es
-733.0 kg carbon


Siela Ardjosemito-...
-733.0 kg carbon


Krystell Statie
-276.4 kg carbon


Jah Elshot
-145.1 kg carbon


Sandra Hooyer
-314.4 kg carbon


Cheryl Powel
-733.0 kg carbon


Lily To
-48.4 kg carbon


maypo cheng
-69.1 kg carbon

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the Universities & Hogescholen

students who care and are active with improving their local and the worlds environment

TU Delft

Has 2 students who toghether save about 12 days days of eating meat. Saving 587 kg of carbon per year

Haagse Hogesc...

Has 1 students who toghether save about 3 days days of eating meat. Saving 145 kg of carbon per year

You feel your University or Hogeschool is equally active?

Are you ready to kick-off your page and make sure you reach the minimum of 50 students to get activated? Contact us and let's get your college onboard πŸ™Œ.

the small print:
1. There is a basic limit of 50 backers before we add the complete overview.
2. Since we, uhm I'm, an one band show at the moment, it's preferrable that you either have a large network or can reach the nessacry channels to promote and build your city site.

our cities

great hubs of people & companies that work to improve their local environment and the worlds.

The Hague

Has 69 backers who toghether save about 260 days days of eating meat. Saving 19,800 kg of carbon per year


Has 9 backers who toghether save about 29 days days of eating meat. Saving 2,582 kg of carbon per year


Has 4 backers who toghether save about 7 days days of eating meat. Saving 325 kg of carbon per year


Has 4 backers who toghether save about 7 days days of eating meat. Saving 325 kg of carbon per year

Your city here?

Do you live in an environmentally conscious city? Or do you think it needs some positive encouragement? Contact us and let's get your city rolling πŸ™Œ.

the small print:
1. There is a basic limit of 50 backers before we add the complete overview.
Since we, uhm I'm, an one band show at the moment, it's preferrable that you either have a large network or can reach the nessacry channels to promote and build your city site.

our companies

making it possible to, build, grow and improve our community

Your company here?

Do your company ideas, goals & ways of doing business matches ours? πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ Get a businessprofile, connect your employees and share your goals, products, etc. We will be most πŸ™. Contact us and see if we can be mutual supportive.

the small print: Allocation of funds is about 30% for general business stuff and 70% for building that community, infoboards, challenges, etc.

With my team of 120 we skip about 444 days eating meat a week. And we save at least 32,786 kg of carbon per year

The Hague


the challenge is for everybody: less meat works fine, the no meat for me people and for the meatlovers do a little less a day. Anyone who wants and supports a healthy world, is a welcome member to the community.

So the challenge is not about stopping people to eat meat. No!
The challenge is to balance consumption, so our world can regain it's balance? Yes!
That's the real challenge.

Cutting down our hunger for more. The real reason for our carbon emissions, deforestation, mineral extractions, plastic pollution and waste dumps. The real reason why companies can destroy, pollute and dump as they like.

To break this cycle, we have to change the way we consume, and live a more sustainable lifestyle. Changing demand, is changing supply , is a healthier planet.

Why meat? This is the easiest and least invasive way to show support: by consuming less meat. Did you know to produce 1kg meat, you need 25kg of crops and 160 liter of water? Did you know that 1kg of meat is equal to about 75km of car-driving?

Beatmeat is more than a challenge, it is a grassroots movement of people, institutions & companies working on a common goal. Each small change by a single individual counts, united in a collective foundation for a balanced world of people, governments, companies towards a healthier mother nature.




backers : 120
girls : 80
guys : 39
flexitarians : 86
vegetarians : 29
average age : 38


days no meat : 444
days yes meat : 396
meat saved weekly : 5 kg.
meat consumed weekly : 49 kg.
meat saved yearly : 3,733 kg.
meat consumed yearly: 2,525 kg.


carbon saved weekly : 955 kg.
carbon added weekly : kg.
carbon saved yearly : 32,786 kg.
carbon saved yearly : 50,435 kg.

we based our project data on dutch research by Blonk Consultants done in 2018, you can find it here.


17,3 million dutch people

1.400 milion kg meat based consumption

18,6 mton/kg Carbon produced by meat consumption

1 kg meat equals to 13.3 kg carbon

1 kg plant based foods equals to 4.27 kg carbon

Per person

1 person

77 - 81kg per year meat based consumption

110 - 113 gr per day meat based consumption

120 kg carbon produced for meat consumption per year

Diet types

50% eats flexitarian, eats about 113gr of meat on a weekly basis and/or biological meat.

7% is a vegetarian, eats no meat, but replaces this with more vegatables, fruits, nuts, soy based foods.

43% is a carnivor, eats about 220gr meat per day and is good for 70% of the total meatconsumption.

frequently asked questions

why, what, who & hows

Why do you only focus on meat?
How accurate are the results?
When do you qualify to join?
1 DAY = -14% = -113GR MEAT = -1.9KG CO2


motivation & roadmap

Motivation & Start

Let me be clear : I'm not a green crusader, nor a moral compass for doing good, nor an anti-meat-industry-activist. But I do feel partly responsible for the carbon and waste I produce to enjoy my comfortable life. While listening to the Kyoto resolutions of 2008, they said if the western world skipped meat for a week, the target of 20% less carbon emissions would be achieved instantly. This inspired me, if we as a social community combine all our efforts, eat a bit less over a year, we would achieve lost of good. How much is 20% spread out over a year? That's about 0.06% less per day? How difficult is that?

I had a clear idea, that the solution is less consumption and do it as community. I didn't pursue it back then, thinking someone somewhere is already doing it. I checked every year, seeing plenty of calculators and factsheets passing by, but no app that just shows what we as a group have achieved. All apps are focussed on the individual, but it's clear that this is not solvable one person.

And then there was Paris 2018, that just ticked me off. Really!! Agreeing on limiting global warming with 1.5 degrees instead of 2 degrees!! Yeah progress... Are you kidding me ☹️! Is this the best our world leaders can come up with!! Allowing the industry companies to keep on polluting our skies, fields and water, all for capital gains! Well as you can read, it fueled me. If the governments won't do it, if companies don't care doing it, we will have to take action, and do it Power to the People πŸ“£πŸ“£πŸ“£

Roadmap for growth into a community

My first step was to build this site, which is more a proof of concept sort of thing. Are people willing to unite into a common statement? Will people support by sharing their individual achievements? If the answers prove to be β€œyes”, the next step is to add features such as member page, add a better calculator so the carbon saved data becomes more accurate. After that hope this will grow into a full-blown community where people, governments and companies join hands to move/grow towards a more balanced and sustainable environmental friendly lifestyle. The community would offers things like:
1. A place where our members can create profiles share and update their contributions/share ideas).
2. Challenge Apps so people can challenge themselves, friends or colleagues to achieve certain goals.
3. Info & message board where people can share useful information, tips, etc.
4. Projects & product board where people can share all green projects & product.


All resources and sources that inspired and helped me realize this the website.

Build with

This app is build help of Google Sheets used as database, Middleman the site generator, Jotform for the forms and all calculations and 'Zapier' providing a the that super glue to make it all works seamlessley.

Blonk Consultants

Did a research on the impact of no meat for a week during the 'Nationale Week Zonder Vlees' in 2018, you can read it here.

Database about friendliness, labour conditions, animal welfare and health aspects of 50,000 Dutch supermarkt products, accessible via their app.

Breathing Earth

A real-time simulation, dating from 2006, displays the CO2 emissions of every country in the world, as well as their birth and death rates.

Maybe unexpected, but they also monitor things like consumption, pollution, waste etc, per country.

Less Meat Less Heat facts

Even if it's based on Australia, it gives a clear understanding about the impact of meat.